Towerbabel – Perfect for Writers and Readers!

While we at Brilliant Corners love the comfort of curling up with our favorite physical books, there is certainly a place for technology with today’s readers as well, and we love that too! Reading can be a solitary, private hobby, but stories come to life when they are shared – those of us who belong to book clubs know this well, but with the pressures of today’s busy lives upon us, many of us don’t have time to share our love of literature with others.

Towerbabel is an online reading and publishing platform that combines social media with classic literature to help users discover new works as readers, reach a new audience as writers, and help everyone discover new literary friends! As you read, you can see and interact with other users who are reading the same books along with you, and share books that you’ve previously enjoyed with your social circle. You can also find suggestions from them as to what to read next, based on what books users who share your tastes have moved on to.

If you’re a writer, or inclined to give it a try, Towerbabel has even more to offer! It’s a beautiful platform to share your ideas, be it with words, pictures or even videos. You can add whatever details to your story to make it come to life for you. You can also find friends in your literary circle to write with you, and collaborate on fun projects together on the site. Best of all, your work will be shared in the TowerBabel library, which will put your work right in front of the readers who will be most likely to want to enjoy it – Completely unlike getting lost in the long list of books sorted be “genre” in the Amazon e-book store.

Basically, Towerbabel is bringing the social media edge to our favorite pastime – reading. Take a minute to sign up and see what you’ve been missing, you’ll be glad you did!

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