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Nata Home Fashions Chunky Knit BlanketsIf I had to pick the one winter home decor trend that defines the 2015-2016 season, it would have to be the super comfy chunky knit blankets from Nata Home and Fashion. They look amazing – equal parts familiar and futuristic, their inviting knit texture, cheerful colors, and huge pillowy stitches make them just the thing you’d like to roll yourself up in on a crisp January afternoon or evening.

These blankets are the work of Ukranian designer and fiber artist Nataliia Logvinova, known endearingly as Nata. Since introducing this simple, statement making design concept late last year, has gained numerous admirers of her work. It’s easy to see why! Just looking at one of these thick, warm blankets makes you want to melt into it. Each piece is made with care, and with luxurious amounts of the finest quality Australian Merino wool fiber.

Nata Home Fashions Chunky Knit wool blanketsWhile the super chunky knit blanket is obviously *the* home accessory to have for the New Year, this style translates well to other elements of home decor as well. On Nata’s facebook page, she showcases many of her designs and color options and describes the crafting process of her pieces. Here and in her Etsy shop there are pillows, scarves, and accent rugs, each showcasing the same bold, opulent style and rich colors. Nata appreciates the fact that the success of her craft is a collaborative effort between herself and her fans, and is open to custom orders to create one-of-a-kind pieces to add some bespoke beauty to your home or wardrobe!

If you’ve been eyeing these blankets in magazines and don’t know where to find them, you should definitely check out the Nata Home Fashions Etsy Shop, and follow Nata on Facebook to see what she comes up with next!

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