Book Clubs Have Rules!

book clubCongratulations!

You’ve decided to start your own book club. Using this Book Club Guide will lead you down the right path.

The first big mistake that most people make when getting started is to think that all you have to do is choose a book, get some friends together and a meaningful, book driven discussion will just happen.


The only way to ensure that your club survives (and is an evening you look forward to instead of dread) is to follow a few simple rules. This book club guide will make starting your own group simple and sweet.

The First Rule of Book Club is…

1. Start with four core members, including yourself. After each member has hosted once, you can choose to add ONE MEMBER EACH. Your group should never more than double it’s size. Think “too many cooks in the kitchen…”

2. Choose a specific day and week to hold your meetings each month. For example, if the first Tuesday of every month is free for everybody put it on your calendars. Meetings should never change unless there is an extreme emergency and the group makes a collective decision to move it. Otherwise, book club is a commitment that everyone must keep!

3. Each month a different member hosts. If you are the founder, chances are you will host first. This means you get to pick the book! Set up a hosting schedule and stay in rotation. The only change would be when adding new members. The host is responsible for the communication and entertainment for the evening.

4. Here is the CARDINAL, UNBREAKABLE rule of book club – you MUST read the book! The person choosing the book will present it at that night’s meeting and like it or lump it you have to read it. Not reading equals dismissal from the group!

5. Each member should come prepared to each meeting with either a couple of discussion questions/topics or a favorite passage to talk about. An unfocused discussion leads to talking about which contestant got kicked off American Idol that week!

6. Be nice and have fun! Ask any book club member and they’ll tell you – the more controversial the book the more heated the argument the more everybody love loves your meeting, leaves happy, and can’t wait to pick up the next book selection!

The trick is to find people that are willing to take this journey with you. As the establisher of the club you might feel a little funny at first when trying to impose these rules. But trust me, people love structure and thrive on it! After one successful meeting they’ll be chomping at the bit for your next get together!

About the Author

“Queenie D” is an English teacher with a Master’s Degree in Education, a mom with a fabulous little boy named Max, and a total lover of books who began reading at the young age of 3 (no lie! Just ask her mom!)

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