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bridge across foreverThe Bridge Across Forever was a book of firsts for me. It was the first book I read that dealt with law of attraction, although it never called it that. It was the first book I read that made me believe in soul mates, and magic.

This book is a magical journey of a man and a woman. It is a love story, but it is a factual love story, because sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. It is a story that draws in you and makes you believe in love, in magic. The twists and turns life can take are sometimes unimmaginable. The way these two get through the trials and tribulations and some major catastrophes is a testament to a working loving relationship.

I think it is amazing how books can affect us viserally. On the cover of the book read these words: If you’ve ever felt alone in a world of strangers, missing someone you’ve never met, you’ll find a message from your love in…The Bridge Across Forever.

I hadn’t picked up this book in a while, and as soon as I read those words I was taken back to the summer after my sophomore year in college and the first time I read this book. I was taken back to all the feelings, and emotions, the turbulance of the late teens, and some pretty tough times I was going through. In fact I could remember everything about the day the person (and I still remember his name) gave me this book and told me I “just had to read it”. I remember staying up all night because I just couldn’t put it down. I remember crying at times and laughing at others. I remember feeling like a changed person when I was finished.

There have not been many books in my life that have left me feeling changed, for the better, when I was finished. This was the first, and I will always cherish this book. I usually keep a couple copies on hand, just to give away. It’s been years and years since my first experience with The Bridge Across Forever, but I still love the way it made me feel, and continues to make me feel when I think about the book, and that summer.

If you’ve lost hope in life or love, this is a must read. If you haven’t lost hope read it anyway, it will just take your energy sky high!

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