Books: The Five Books You Should NEVER Admit to Reading

50 shadesThere are particular books that everybody enjoys to brag regarding having read. Think Austen, think Dickens, think Orwell and think Tolkien. Those are the books that you must push plainly in the front of your book shelves, speak about loudly in discussion and carry about ostentatiously trapped under your arm.

But, on the other hand of the dimensions, would be the books you know you shouldn’t read. These books are, quite frankly, so painfully awful that they should never made it past any sane publisher’s desk. But they did and, in the act, have grown to be incredibly popular with pre-teens, hillbillies and disgruntled homebodies.

Should you read them? Definitely not. Should we hold you back? We wish we might however, as always, the luring draw of the unfamiliar is too robust for us to prevent. In order to stop curiosity from killing the cat, just be certain you don’t confess to reading these literary travesties in courteous company

#1 – The Twilight Saga

Remember when vampires made to bite people and turn into dust if the sun emerged? Stephenie Meyer has done away with all the excitement and changed it with brooding stares, inappropriate werewolf-vampire-human love triangles and an endless level of yearning.

#2 – Fifty Shades Of Grey Trilogy

Don’t even pretend and try you’re not enticed with the “mummy porn” craze that’s sweeping the nation. Don’t even try. But, should you read it, don’t sit smugly in the train with your erotica held up for anyone to see. Keep it for where it should be – hidden guiltily at the end of your sock drawer

#3 – The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code is apparently based upon historical reality, even though the reality is that it is 99% filler, 1% lite background. Read it, by all means, but don’t try quoting it in discussions about the artist’s fantastic art work anytime soon.

#4 – The Other Boleyn Girl

The true story of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII is pretty damn scandalous; he changed the religion of a whole country in order to marry the woman of his dreams. Then he cut off her head because she wouldn’t have a male baby, the useless trollop. The Other Boleyn Girl takes the scandal, amps it up by at least 1000 revs and sensationalizes the facts with tittle-tattle and gossip of the time. It’s mainly an extended Daily mail article, placed in the Tudor era. Shudder.

#5 – Anything by Katie Price

Are you joking? Are you really kidding? Don’t do it. Just – just don’t do this. You’re so much greater than this.

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