Brandicted – a new social shopping experience!

Screen_Shot_20131115_at_35139_PMIf you love fashion like I (and my friends) do, you probably have spent countless hours looking over looks from around the world on Lookbook and other street photography/fashion sites. I love seeing what creative outfits everyone comes up with, sometimes out of items that I myself have seen and passed over on the deep discount racks in department stores. I also love seeing items that I know I’d never be able to find near me. Some things though, I *wish* I could find, and I know I’m not the only one frustrated with the inability to sourceĀ  the awesome items we see on social media!

Well, Brandicted apparently felt our frustrations, and decided to build an awesome site for us. They describe themselves as “half instragram, half Amazon” and after cruising the site for a little bit I can definitely see why. Here, rather than shop a lifeless catalog filled with all too perfect models and looks you could never pull off in places that you’ll never go, this site allows you to shop by looking through photos of other users. If you see someone sporting something you want, Brandicted will help you hunt it down through Amazon. If you know you like a certain brand, but just aren’t sure how you’d wear specific pieces, Brandicted will keep you updated by sending you photos from other users wearing whatever brand you’re obsessed with at the moment. Plus, if you’re especially proud of your latest eBay steal or ensemble, you can upload your picture to show off and help all of your Brandicted friends look as awesome as you!

Swing by and try it out for a few minutes – I bet you’ll find Brandicted just as addictive as I did!

6 fun brand quiz + signup:
* Nike:
* Adidas:
* Levi’s:
* Coca-cola:
* Casio:
* Lego:

4 brand signup pages:
* Puma:
* Canada Goose:
* The North Face:

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