How James Malinchak’s Little Coaster Book Makes A Big Difference

millionairesuccesssecrets-ebookThose of you who’re in, or have ever been in, the James Malinchak Platinum membership family have probably received one of James’ books, “Success Starts with Attitude: 50 Way to Refresh, Recharge, & Reenergize Yourself in Business and Life.” If you haven’t had the privilege to read this book, let me describe it to you! This coaster book is called a coaster book because one of James’ friends teased that the book is as tiny as a coffee table coaster. This coaster book packs a whole lot of punch for the size.

Ironically, this little “coaster book” is big in thought as it is full of 50 simple, yet inspiring stories, quotes, points of interest, tips, as well as action steps that are what I would call a foundation of what James Malinchak teaches in his presentations and seminars. At the same time, this “coaster book” does a superb job of focusing your thoughts on your life as well as your business future. It actually does push you to think about becoming successful by changing your attitude.

The book did something different for me and a lot of my platinum family friends. The book is a great model of “getting off your assets” and getting focused on making your own books with your own expertise. Allow me to give you an example of his response to criticism of his coaster book. One of James’ frequent come back’s, when he is teased for the size, or should I say lack of size of his book, is “My coaster book is much better than the book you haven’t written yet!” He has a major point! Who has the right to criticize somebody for the ‘size’ of their book, when they haven’t written one themselves!

Often we spend so much time trying to write the next best seller when it is more reasonable to focus on writing a decent book with quality content! As a reader, I enjoy being able to grab a short book to flip through for quick inspiration. I appreciate that I can open it to any page and quote it in a card or letter to a client or a friend. Apparently, the coaster book is a real hit with clients. Several of James’s clients now have their own ‘coaster’ book to share with clients, prospects, and friends.

Eventually, that’s what writing this book did for so many people. The book works as a motivating factor to begin creating your life and your business in the way you would like to live it. It serves as a model of change in your actions and your attitude. Was this little book made to form huge catalyst? Was that his intention? Maybe so, likely not, but regardless, this is what the book did for him and how it has affected a lot of people. A little push can create a big impact. A little book can create big success.

“A little push can create a big impact. A little book can create big success.” ~Andrea Adams-Miller,

Andrea Adams-Miller is considered by the press as “The Leading Interationa Authority on Healthy Relationships.” She is a keynote speaker, relationship and business relationship consultant, columnist, international award winning radio show host, and best-selling author. She shows people how to create, retain, as well as sustain REAL lucrative relationships for life!

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