Fine Art Imagined by Arrington Magny

Arrington Magny Painting Figurative Series 2013

Among the many artists that are creating now in the world of contemporary art, rarely do we see an artist that presents their work with the same grace and effortless impact that we’ve seen in the work of the great masters. The paintings of Arrington Magny certainly do have such an impact, and though Arrington is a relatively fresh artist in the fine art world, with one look it’s clear to see that her art will stand the test of time and enrich homes and galleries for decades to come.

Hailing originally from the Deep South and sinking her solid New Orleans roots into the vibrant Parisian culture, her artistic style melds both worlds perfectly, and has appealed to critics of both worlds equally. Making quite a splash in her short career thus far, she has shown worldwide, yet maintains ongoing exhibitions in France and Louisiana, as well as Miami Florida, her new primary place of residence.

Pieces from her two conceptual series from 2013, the figurative, and abstract series, have already found their way into prestigious homes and collections worldwide. Arrington has also received a large demand for commissions from interior designers, and has created beautiful custom works for some very lucky clients.

Arrington Magny is certainly a name to watch for in 2014, and if 2013 is any indication her work will be highly sought to the point of scarcity before the year’s end. If she’s managed to sneak by your radar so far, you should definitely look over her website to see her beautiful figurative series, and the wonderfully designed installations that display her work. To watch for her upcoming exhibitions, follow Arrington’ Facebook Page

Arrington Magny Figurative Series 2013 Installation

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