The Artisan: An Artistic Assassin Thriller

71Fw6hT4DAL._SL1500_Dyal Bailey’s newest work, The Artisan: The Artistic Assassin, will leave you at the edge of your seat as you are introduced to and enchanted with her characters. Instantly in the first few pages you’ll see that the storyline is complex, engaging, and urges readers to keep going and find out what’s next.

Dyal Bailey’s writing is superb, and her attention to detail throughout will make each scene clear to you as you watch the plot unfold and thicken before your eyes. Her descriptions have a sensual edge about them that will pique the interest of every reader, and ignite your senses as you imagine the action taking place. She knows just how far to push her readers, and tie in your emotions into that of her characters. Rather than just present a tale of pure horror, Dyal’s The Artisan is more a work of intrigue – there are enough high and low points to keep the story moving quickly, and keep you from putting it down!

One of the key places where Dyal Bailey’s clear gift for storytelling shines through is in the crafting of her characters. Rafaella, a strong woman with a calm, calculating air about her invites us into the story. though she is clearly the prey, we are not sure why, especially since she behaves to thoroughly like a hunter – and a great one at that. Not too long after, the real assassin, Gunter, makes his appearance, and it it is clear that he is a force to be reckoned with, if not reasoned with. Rafaella certainly makes quite the formidable foe… but will she be able to outrun the assassin?


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