Cheap, Affordable, and Expensive Ghostwriters

Cheap, Affordable, and Expensive Ghostwriters

It is known for sure that ghost writing is the highly paid writing jobs among all the other jobs. Ghostwriters can easily earn a lot of fortune in providing ghostwriting services to their clients. Hiring a ghostwriter might be a little tough job for the regular clients. It is tough for clients to find the cheap or affordable ghostwriters for themselves if they are not a big celebrity, politician or any other famous personality. If you are just a regular person who wants to hire a cheap ghostwriter for writing a thesis for you or may be a web content or user guide, then you will be astonished to learn the pay scale of the ghostwriters.

Now, we know that since the ghostwriter’s salary demand is so high, they are divided into multiple categories. Their demand fluctuates according to the service they provide, whom they are offering the service for, the quality of the work they deliver, the length of the content clients demand and the timeline they have been provided. According to this, ghostwriters are classified into three different groups, which are expensive ghostwriters, the affordable ones, and the cheap ghostwriters.

Let’s talk about the expensive ghostwriters first. They are the ones who offer ghost writing services for celebrities. Their job description includes being the celebrity’s journalist and maintaining the profiles and biographies of the celebrities they are working for. Expensive ghostwriters like Ghostwriting LLC are also the ones who work for book authors, who asked them to write a book that has to be well-published and well-received. Expensive ghostwriters charge around $50,000 to $200,000, only in advance and get paid with the rest of the wage once the work is done.

Affordable ghostwriters demand $20,000 TO $80,000 for writing a book of around 200 to 300 pages. If the client hires an affordable ghostwriter, then they do not have to pay anything to the agencies. Affordable ghostwriters are able to deliver the customized service according to the needs of the clients.

Cheap ghostwriters don’t make a plea for a significant amount of money. They charge $3000 to $5000 only, for a book of 200 pages. They are mostly the overseas ghostwriters, and you can easily find them by logging into any of the ghostwriting bidding websites. Since their fees are lesser as compared to expensive and affordable ghostwriters, the quality of the service they will provide will not be of the highest measure. Because they lack work experience, so they offer their services at low prices.

Other ways the ghostwriters charge their clients include how many hours they have to work for providing the final product, the word count, number of pages they have to write, or maybe the combination of all these things.

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