Begotten Son: The Plan of the Italian Merchant by Danny Darren

Begotten_Son_book_html_m39e9f04aBook Description:

When his wife dies in childbirth, wealthy Italian merchant Robert Agnoli makes a vow to do everything in his power to ensure their only son, Antonio, has the best in life.

A year later, on the final day of World War II, a chance encounter with an orphan girl leads Robert to concoct a detailed and somewhat outlandish plan to ensure that these two motherless children will never want for anything again as long as they live.

In his mind, the plan is simple and will mean that the two children are content and happy and that his wealth is looked after in the way he envisages. But in reality, the plan is beset with obstacles and those involved begin to realise that sometimes life, unfortunately, brings things that weren’t planned for.

Will the burden of weaving a detailed web of secrets and lies, some of them illegal, prove too much for the family and its closest associates, or will Robert’s wishes come together to cement the happiness of his family forever?


Very interesting novel about the story of Robert Agnoli who loses his wive and he then does everything in his power to make sure his son has the best life ever. It’s a very well written book and keep the reader interested. The story does start slow but when the thrill and action starts kicking it becomes a very intriguing read. It’s an ‘edge of the seat’ storyline and this is the kind of novels which go on to make very good films. The title of the book is great as it tells the reader what to expect ‘Plan of the Italian Merchant’ is very much seen in the book as Robert Agnoli tries to move forward his lies and illegal activity to have a happy family.


**** 4/5


Begotten_Son_book_html_186f32a2About Author

Danny Darren is a young & vibrant author based in London and originally from Kurdistan. He draws he’s writing motivation from his personal experiences. Danny is also an actor and film producer and has received critical acclaim for his past acting roles.

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