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Wheel of Time Character Montage. Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan
Wheel of Time Review by Fantasy Father

FantasyFather Review The Wheel of Time Series

This book is one of those ‘classics’ any true fan of fantasy must read. Personally I have listened to the first three books in the series four times and have finished the entire series more than once. Robert Jordan’s writing style is very detail oriented, spending a great amount of time describing both characters and the environment around them. The detailed descriptions may be tedious to some, but for me personally it gave a better immersive quality to the series. After reading hundreds of fantasy novels, the WoT series has remained in my top five favorites. 

Plot/Story Lined

When I said this was a classic, I meant it in more than one way. Not only is this one of the classic fantasy novels, but it’s story line is very ‘classic’ as well. There is Magic!,Swords! and of course a young farm boy and friends who are somehow fated to save the world. There are many twists along the way but that is the gist of things. If you would like to read the Publishers Summary here is the link.

Characters/Character Progression

As I said Above, the detail that goes into describing this world really brings everything to life. Characters are no exception  to this, Robert Jordan introduces you to literally dozens of characters throughout the series. This really allows you to connect and fall in love with many of the characters, and hate others.  

My favorite thing about this series, happens to be the character progression. Robert Jordan really thought about these characters, and allows you to essentially watch them grow over years of time through his writings. He finds a way to make you so attached to a particular character(s), that you can’t stop yourself from reading. While reading you will also find yourself reading from the point of view of different characters, and the further into the series you go the more points of views you get. Keeping you from getting bored with one characters plot line, while keeping you wanting more from others.


Lets face it, if you have ever listened to a recorded book you have probably heard a narrator you did not like. Making it pretty difficult to finish or even start a book. Well, that is not the case here.

Kate Reading and Michael Kramer do a wonderful job of narrating. Both narrators have different voices for each character making it very easy to keep track of who’s who. A good narrator can really make a book come alive.

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