Home Security for Renters

I own my current home, but I still can remember renting and I have several friends that still do. I had good landlords and bad ones, some who gave me more freedom with my home than others, but most landlords had their eye on their investment first and foremost and therefore did not want me to make any permanent changes to the houses I rented. That’s understandable, as it was their house and would remain so even after I moved on, but still, while I was paying rent, it was my home! All of my stuff is there, and so I had just as much of an interest in keeping the house safe as they did.

As poverty levels rise, property crimes are on the rise as well. Beyond paying for renters insurance (which I *strongly* recommend), what can you do to keep your house safe? Most alarm systems require wiring and other adjustments to the house that may not be automatically approved by landlords, particularly if you’ve signed a short lease. Still, some form of home security alarm will reduce your chances of being robbed substantially, as most burglars would rather attack the easiest prey.

Renters Alarm co. now offers easy, affordable solutions to help protect your temporary home. Just because you’re renting doesn’t mean that you should have to feel less secure about your belongings when you’re away! If you’re renting, renting out one of your homes, or know someone who is renting, check out the options from Renters Alarm Co. and see what they can offer you. They’ve put together an infographic to show what homes are most at risk and when, and some ideas as to what you can do about it.


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