Make Your Halloween Amazing with HeartJacking

Happy Halloween everyone!

I love Halloween, and so I start planning for it months in advance, almost before Macy’s and WalMart start planning for Christmas 🙂 I have a full calendar of parties for the next few weeks, and so far have found my costumes for almost all of them. However, it’s not too late to pull your Halloween together, or even to start keeping an eye out for next year!

I was really impressed by the selection of costumes available from They’ve got some very unusual stuff, and the quality is *well* worth the price – you’d be hard pressed to find anything like it, anywhere else. Their morphsuits, an essential component of any superhero costume, come in a variety of sizes for men, women, and even children! Their spiderman suit will quickly transform your child into the envy of everyone at their Halloween parties 🙂

My favorite are the light up robot masks, if you and your crew would like to go as Daft Punk or any other futuristic robots. They actually have a wide variety of light up clothing – definitely the best I’ve seen as of yet – that will turn you into the life of the party year round even after Halloween season is over. HeartJacking’s light up T-shirts are out of this world!

Truly a one-stop shop, they’ve also got excellent effects makeup to complete your look. Clearly catering to the party crowd, they offer a full selection of blacklight responsive cosmetics, from nail polish to eyeshadow to full coverage body paint. From their videos, you can see that their makeup is a cut above what you might find on the shelf is an all purpose costume store, so if you’re looking for a professional polish you’ll find what you’re looking for at HeartJacking.

Get ready to party in style! Go to, and have fun 🙂

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