Archeology Book – Battleground Iraq: the Journal of a Company Commander

battleground iraqBooks have always given us the information on something which we could have never known otherwise. They are the secret holder of many things, many people and many places and unless we specially give them our time we can never know those things and incidents kept hold in them.

It has always amazed be how we can find anything and any information related to the world from a simple and tiny — miny book, all we need to do the same is to look for the correct one. In this huge list of types of books, the one type which can help us know about the things long gone before we even came into world or before we went to that place are archeology books. If explained with a proper definition then,the archeology is the scientific study of past human life and culture by examining its physical remains for example tools used at that time, pottery done or through the graves.

One such book which can be counted in the list of archeology books is “Battleground Iraq: the Journal of a Company Commander”, written by Capt. Robert Sloan Brown. This book is basically a journal in which the thoughts and letters are recorded of that person.

This is about a how a person, a company commander from 2003 to early 2004 settled his life in some of the most dangerous areas of Post- Hussein Iraq. This book discus the techniques, procedures and tactics evolved in the struggle to maintain the law and order and rebuild the country. It tells us about the dichotomy of combat operations versus nation building. It will let you know how a solder feel about the various decisions taken by him at the various stages of a war and how the result of those decision effect there mental status.

As this archeology book is based on a very important time period, therefore it was very natural to receive both positive as well as negative reviews on the same. Where some has to say that book is not worth reading at all because of the lack of writing skills with the writer, there are people who say that it tell reveal the truth about an untold part of a war or a rebuilding of a nation. The daily operation of an army man can be experienced from the same.

There is no doubt to the fact that the Archeology Books Price in India has always been high, that’s one of the reasons that people don’t show much of the interest in reading these books. But the applicators of these books don’t have to worry much as they can fine one according to their choice from the various online book stores in India.

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