Worth It In The End – Books That Were Originally Rejected By Book Publishers That Became Best Sellers

auntie_mameNot all books are given the green light by a book publisher UK straight away and even some of the most famous authors we know today had to knock on a few doors before their books were enjoyed by the large readership they gained later on. Below are a few examples of such books.

Auntie Mame

Based on the author Patrick Dennis’s eccentric Aunt, this book told the story of Patrick, who was the legal guardian for his eccentric sister Mame Dennis. Before being published by Vanguard Press, 15 other publishers had rejected it. The book publisher UK who finally did went on to enjoy the runaway success the book went on to bring.

Chicken Soup For The Soul

Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen were turned down no less than 33 times before the book publisher UK HCI Books picked up the title in 1993. The collection of poems and stories of encouragement went on to become a best seller and influenced many other titles.

The Peter Principle

Before being picked up by book publisher UK Bantam Books, The Peter Principle by Laurence Peter has been rejected 16 times. Within one year of being published the book was on its 15th reprint. The book also went on to be converted into a TV series for the BBC due to its popularity.

Anne Of Green Gables

Before selling over 50 million copies, the author LM Montgomery had received four rejection letters before book publisher UK LC Page & Co published the book in1908. The book was sold as stories for those of all ages, but over the years has become known as a children’s book.

The Diary Of A Young Girl

The Diary of Anne Frank is possibly one of the most well known and famous holocaust stories in the world. The Diary Of a Young Girl has sold more than 30 million copies to date but may surprise some to learn that Anne Frank’s book was rejected 16 times before being published by Contact Publishing in 1947. The first English version was published in 1952.

Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone

One of the most famous fantasy books in the world, Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone went on to sell 450 million copies, not to mention was converted into a blockbuster movie. However JK Rowling had received eight rejection letters before book publisher UK Bloomsbury had agreed to publish the book. It is reported that Bloomsbury only agreed to take on the book after Alice Newton, the 8 year old daughter of the chairman, read the first chapter and wanted more.

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