Book Review of “Welcome to Your Crisis” by Laura Day

welcome to your crisisWelcome to Your Crisis: How to Use the Power of Crisis to Create the

Life You Want is a guide to healing and moving on from the traumas and

crises in your life. Composed of different healing exercises to allow

you to work through these tragedies, it is coupled with personal stories

for readers to identify with.

Laura Day is an Intuitive Healer and, as such, is of the opinion that we

all possess a level of intuition in our subconscious. She identifies

tools for us to use to harness this intuition and set us on the path

that we choose for ourselves. This perhaps is the strongest message of

the book: that the power of choice lies within us. She affirms that we

all hold the key to our future; we only need to visualize it and then

move consciously towards that goal.

Laura shares her personal stories with crisis and affirms her belief in

welcoming crisis in our life. She strongly affirms that she would not

exchange any of her personal life tragedies (for example, the death of

her mother and a bitter divorce) as they have made her what she is

today. She truly believes that it is during crisis that we uncover our

true self. At its foundation, this is the principle of turning our

weaknesses into our strengths.

Laura identifies common traps that stagnate and halt our progress from

moving forward. She says that “when you are focused on your crisis, all

of your energy is going toward what you want to move away from.”

(emphasis added) Energy is wasted on blaming others and focusing on the

past when we should be looking to the future. The goal of the book is to

allow the reader to become a ‘resilient’ individual, able to endure and

even embrace challenges in life and to continue to move forward,

becoming a stronger individual in the process.

Perhaps the term crisis is a misnomer. We have all experienced trials,

tests, challenges and tragedies. These come in the form of tests of our

faith, our beliefs, and even our confidence. As a reader, I sometimes

felt that the term crisis did not encompass these tests and challenges.

While some of the self-help exercises seemed a little mystical in

nature, the book itself contains valuable advice and insights into

regaining control of the situations in your life.

We have all been in crisis at one time or other. In fact, this book is

also valuable to those who associate with others whose lives are one

continual crisis.

The question is if you will continue to blame others when crisis strikes

or will you welcome your personal crises for the growth they will afford

you. The choice is yours.

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