Want Instant Credibility? Write a Book!

applaudHave you ever noticed how the term ‘published author’ always makes you sit up and take notice? Whether it is a doctor, a lawyer, or an entrepreneur, having a book published is a definite way to gain credibility and expert status. You don’t even have to have read their book to believe that they are somehow more knowledgeable than their competitors, do you?

That’s probably because of the way the traditional publishing business works. In traditional publishing, authors write a book, and approach a publisher, who first wants to know what their platform is. In other words, traditional publishers want to see that the person they’re considering publishing has a proven track record, and already has expert standing. When your name is on the cover of a book, people who see that book automatically assume that you’re an expert, even if you’ve only just launched your business.

That rules most entrepreneurs and small business owners out when it comes to writing a book, doesn’t it?

Actually, no. The advent of the internet has made it possible for just about anyone to write a book about just about any topic, publish it, and sell it, often through the same channels that major publishers use to sell their books.

These services, called self publishing, offer easy to use interfaces that allow authors from any background to upload their content from an ordinary word processing package, create covers, apply for ISBN’s, and get their book professionally printed and bound. Done correctly, books that are self-published like these are virtually indistinguishable from those created by traditional publishers and that makes them a great way to build credibility, and earn additional revenue.

Let’s say that you own a small consulting firm, which helps business owners to plan their offices. You want to gain publicity, and build your credibility and reputation as an expert. You decide to write a book and you self publish it. You can then market and sell your book on platforms like Amazon.com, through your website, or in real bookstores. Since you can also mention your business in your book, not only do you gain an additional income source, but you’ve also got your name and that of your company’s in print.

Aside from selling your book, you can also use it as a marketing tool. You can offer free copies to clients, or even have a downloadable e-book version, that you use to build your email marketing list.

If you’re reading this, and thinking ‘but I’m not a writer!’ relax. There’s a secret to many of the best known books by business people out there – the person whose name is on the cover does not write them! There’s a whole industry out there of freelance ghost writers who are willing to take your information, story or message, and create a professionally written book, for a fee. Once you’re happy with the book itself, all you have to do is use a self publishing service to print it, and market the book. Because you, your book, and your business are inextricably linked, any marketing you do for your book will also be marketing for your business, so it’s definitely a worthwhile exercise!

Once you’ve done that, you can add the words ‘published author’ behind your name, which will instantly generate interest and respect. You can also submit your book to magazines and other reviewers, and gain publicity for yourself and your business at the same time, or you could go onto radio or television shows in your area to discuss your book.

Of course, there’s also always a chance, if your book is well written, and on a topic that appeals to a broad audience, that it could become a best seller, and there’s no better publicity than that! Imagine speaking about your book, and your business, to crowds of readers at bookstores and conventions? Starting to sound like a good idea, isn’t it?

Options like self publishing have certainly opened up new marketing avenues for small business owners, and they’re well worth exploring, if you’re looking for innovative and cost effective marketing strategies to get your name, and that of your business, out there. Who knows? Writing that book may even earn you a great residual income if you do it right and it could lead to a whole series of related titles, and a new spin off career!

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Andrew McCombe is the owner of Activate Your Business where they teach new and existing business owners to Start, Grow and / or Automate their business(es) with EASE, so they can live a life of EASE. For more information and to get a free copy of the 10 EASY Steps to Your Perfect Business EBook, visit http://www.activateyourbusiness.com.au

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